Attack on Nuriye and Semih’s resistance area: 4 detained

ANKARA- Police attacked on the people waiting in the resistance at the Yüksel Avenue in order to support Nuriye and Semih in the morning and took four people by battering them.

Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça have resisted in front of the Human Rights Monument in the Yüksel Avenue of Ankara for 185 days and are on the hunger strike for 65 days by saying, “I want my job back”. In the morning, police attacked their resistance area.

Four supporters, who have been on an indefinitely-reversible hunger strike in order to support Nuriye and Semih, have been taken into custody in the attack and police took all banners, flowers and other stuff in the area.

Four people, including an academic of ODTÜ Mehmet Mutlu, have been taken into custody by being battered.