Attack on family members who want to leave Raqqa: 11 dead, 4 injured

QAMISHLO – 11 people from the same family, who wanted to leave Raqqa due to the cruelty of Daesh were killed by gangs’ members, four people have been saved by SDF fighters.

Mihemed Xelef and his family wanted to leave Raqqa due to the cruelty of Daesh; however, they couldn’t leave the city due to death threats of gangs’ members. The family members, who waited for SDF fighters to liberate the city, decided to leave the city whatever the consequences after the growing danger on them. The family members were sent back at a checkpoint by gangs’ members, thereupon the family members waited in the Salihiyê hamlet, 1 km north of Raqqa. However, they became the target of artillery of gangs in the hamlet. 11 people have been killed and four people have been injured.

‘We couldn’t escape from the gangs’ grasp’

Ziheye Xelef, who described the details in tears, lost her daughter Renîm (15), her son Mihemed (13) and her husband Ibrahîm Xelef (40) in the attack. Ziheye said, “We couldn’t escape from the gangs’ grasp. My children, husband, mother, father and my cousins were killed next to me. I felt faint in despair. I found myself in the hospital in Girê Spî.”

Names of the people killed in the attack are as follows: Huda Yûsif (76), Xalid Xelef (80), Mihemed Xelef (13), Renîm Xelef (15), Ibrahîm Xelef (40), Yûsif Xelef (30), Huda Xelef (20), Umer Xelef (50), Ehmed Xelef (17) and Lema Xelef (15).