Village guard shoots 2 children in Batman

BATMAN –Two siblings named E.K. and V.D.K. were shot by a village guard named A.E. while sleeping at home in the Aynkef town of Batman’s Gercüş district.

A village guard shot two children in the Kayapınar (Aynkef) town of Batman’s Gercüş district while they were sleeping. The village guard named A.E. went to the home of Hayrettin Dündar K. in the morning at 4 a.m. and began to open fire on the home. Two siblings named E.K. (16) ve V.D.K. (14), who were sleeping, were seriously wounded.

The wounded children were taken to Gercüş State Hospital and then they were referred to Regional State Hospital in Batman. According to reports received, the children are in critical condition.

The village guard A.E. has been taken into custody.