SDF fighters enter Tabqa city center

RAQQA- Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters have entered into Tabqa city center from eastern and western sides.

As the Wrath of Euphrates Operation continues, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters began to move on Tabqa city from eastern and western sides at around 00:00 last night. Despite the mines planted at the entrance of the city and snipers positioned there, the SDF fighters advanced 1, 5 kilometers. According to reports received, Daesh gangs’ members were inflicted a heavy blow and many Daesh members were killed during the clashes took place. Two SDF fighters have been reportedly wounded in the clashes broke out at the entrance of the city.

Intense clashes are being reported from the city center. Meanwhile, a civilian in the Eyid Saxîra village located on the west of the city died due to a mine explosion.