Relatives of disappeared people: The prisoners’ demands must be accepted

DİYARBAKIR – Relatives of disappeared people gathered in Diyarbakır for 425th time and they emphasized that the demands of prisoners on hunger strike must be accepted immediately.

Members of the Human Rights Association (İHD) Diyarbakır Branch and relatives of disappeared people organized their protest for 425th time with the motto, “Disappeared persons should be found and perpetrators should be tried”. The protest was organized at the Conference Hall of İHD Diyarbakır Branch due to OHAL (State of Emergency). While the Confederation of Public Employees’ Trade Unions (KESK) members supported today’s protest, the protesters drew attention to the situation of the prisoners on hunger strike.

Abdulselam İnceören, Regional Representative of the İHD, said, “We have come together for 425 weeks with the same demand; however no step has been taken. In addition to this, the hunger strikes launched in the prisons have reached a critical situation. We don’t want death bodies would be taken from the prisons and we demand a meeting to be organized with prisoners immediately and the demands of the prisoners to be accepted. Families have great concerns about prisons. Many families have attempted to launch a hunger strike. This problem must be solved before the families launch a hunger strike.”

The fate of Mirza Ateş was asked

After the statement, the people asked the fate of Mirza Ateş, who was taken into custody on March 18, 1994 in the Kulp district of Diyarbakır, no information has been received from her since then. Eşref Ateş, brother of Mirza, said, “Police raided my brother’s home and they burned his home. He was taken into custody by being battered in front of his children. We learned the first he was taken to Kulp Police Station and then Diyarbakır city center. They were subjected to torture for 85 days there. I was also detained in the same dates and I learned that my brother Mirza was in the same police station. But we haven’t received any information about my brother since then.”

According the reports received by the family, Mirza and other seven people were taken to an empty field and they were killed by a firing squad by making it look like an operation and then they were buried. The pieces remained from their bodies were buried in the same place. The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office made a statement and said the people mentioned had never been detained by Gendarmerie Command and they didn’t have any information about them. Despite all applications and attempts of the families, no information has been received about Mirza Ateş.

The people held a five-minute sit down protest after the statement.