Nesrin Abdullah visits the women escape from Daesh

RAQQA- YPJ Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah visited the women, who managed to escape from the atrocity of gangs in Dêrezor. Nesrin said they would fight to rescue all women.

Daesh gangs’ members, who attacked El-Menzel village located 25 km north of Raqqa, abducted 200 civilians. While seven civilians, who refused to be human shield against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), were killed by Daesh gangs, some civilians escaped as wounded. Three women, who were abducted by gangs, managed to reach the areas liberated by the fighters. Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) Spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah visited the women and received information about what they faced.

‘We were subjected to gangs’ atrocity’

One of the women, her name is kept confidential for her security, told Nesrin Abdullah what they faced in the following words: “Upon intensification of clashes in Dêrazor, we wanted to go to areas where QSD fighters were with my sister and my mother; however, gangs’ members tried to block us by threatening us. We were subjected to gangs’ atrocity. Whenever we wanted to leave the city, the gangs’ members blocked us. They wanted to use us as human shield.”

‘We passed 3 km on our knees’

They took us and many other civilians to El- El-Mishêrfe village against the SDF fighters’ checkpoints. When we got near to the checkpoints, the gangs’ members began to attack the checkpoints. When the clashes became intensify, we tried to reach the SDF fighters; however, the gangs’ members didn’t allow anyone to go. When we found a chance to escape, we left the clash area and we passed three km on our knees to reach the checkpoints. The fighters took us to a health center. We escape from the gangs’ atrocity.”

Listening to the women, Nesrin Abdullah said they would continue to fight to rescue all women from the atrocity of gangs.