Muş women: Prisoners’ demands are our demands

MUŞ – “Prisoners’ demands are our demands. We must raise our voice stronger in order to prevent the death in the prisons,” said Muş women, who got together on the 58th day of the hunger strikes launched by prisoners.

A press conference was held in the provincial building of the HDP in Muş led by the Women’s Assemblies of the DBP (Democratic Regions Party), HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) and Free Women’s Movement (TJA) in order to draw attention to the hunger strikes on the 58th day in the prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan. HDP Prison Commission Member Burcu Çelik Özkan also attended the conference. While the banner reading, “Keeping silent is confirmation of deaths, we won’t keep silent” was unfurled, the women carried the banners read, “Long live the resistance in the prisons” and “They are on the hunger strike because they say no to the isolation”.

‘Speak up for the prisoners’ voice’

Burcu Çelik Özkan, who read the statement, recalled the demands of the resisters (prisoners) and said, “All rights in prisons have begun to be seized and restricted. The strip search practiced in the prisons has been admitted by the ministry. We know that books and magazines haven’t been given to the prisoners and their visit rights have been restricted. The prisoners launched the hunger strike against these policies. The people should speak up for the prisoners’ hunger strike, which is on the 58th day. We call on all democratic forces, the government and everyone to do what they can.

“The prisoners’ demands are our demands. We must raise our voice stronger in order to prevent the deaths in the prisons. We hope the resistance of the prisoners will end with the solidarity of all of us.”

The press conference was ended by shouting the slogan, “Long live the resistance in the prisons”.