Kurdish women have many reasons for saying ‘No’

NEWS CENTER- As there are two days to the referendum, the women from Diyarbakır, Dersim, Şırnak, Batman and Bitlis talked about their reasons for saying ‘No’ in the referendum and they pointed out that everyone should go to vote against ‘One-man’ regime.

The peoples in Turkey will vote the constitutional amendment two days later. The people in Kurdistan, where the works for the referendum continue, will go to the ballots for ‘No’. The women from Diyarbakır, Dersim, Şırnak, Batman and Bitlis will also go to ballots and they will say ‘No’ to ‘one-man’ regime.

The women in Bitlis city center and its villages and neighborhoods already decide what they will vote

Mizgin Sancar: “Of course, we say ‘No’. We say ‘No2 for peace and freedom.”
Berivan Gülbak: No for the peace of Turkey.
Sultan Baykara: We say ‘na na na’ (Na means No in Kurdish) in the referendum.
Perinaz Baykara: For our Kurdish language no no no
Zozan Dinçer: No for the prisoners, no for the unity of the Kurds.
Vesile Tuncer: My vote is mine. I never give it to anyone and of course I say no.
Antika Alican: I say no to oppression and injustice. We will definitely win. Our votes are for us.
Birgül Alican: I say ‘No’ for all Kurdish people.
Nesibe Işık: Don’t let more bloodshed. The things have been done on us until now are enough. We say enough to the arrests, deaths and massacres.
Feleknaz Davas: Don’t let more bloodshed and the mothers to cry anymore. We want a peacefull atmosphere. We say ‘No’.
Songül Köstekçi: Our answer is ‘No’ every time in everywhere. And we will definitely win.
Zülfinaz Köstekçi: I say ‘No’ for my language.

Reason of Beser Kalay living in the Xıran village of Dersim’s Malazgirt district for ‘No’ is as follows: “There is constant state pressure. There is no job; we want to return to our land. I will say ‘No’ in order to prevent the OHAL (State of Emergency) to be permanent. I was born on these lands and I grew up on these lands, why should I leave our lands? I say ‘No’ for our children to not go to other cities to work for a minimum wage and become his slave.”

‘We will vote ‘No’ although our ballots have been moved to village guards’ villages’

The women living in Taş Arası (Bêrman), Günyüzü (Melêsê ), Beş Ağaç (Hemka ), Güney Yaka (Bate) and Bölücek (Pîrosa) said they would vote ‘No’ although their ballots had been moved to Ayvalık (Çemanê) village (village guards’ village). The women said, “If we surrender, everyone will surrender. Soldiers and village guards have oppressed in the villages of Beytüşşebap; however we aren’t too weak to bow down to them. We will go to ballots and we will vote in the village guards’ village. And then we will protect our ballots.”

Batman women state they will say ‘No for an equality life’

Nuran Seçkin: Despite all the massacres, we cry the peace as the Kurdish women. Erdoğan wants to be power alone. But we don’t accept anyone to be one-man.

Saliha Demir: We will say ‘No’ for our children’s bodies, which haven’t been found.

Hamide Büyüktop: We can stop the oppression imposed on us for years by saying ‘No’. We have faced numerous massacres for years. We can stop this oppression by saying ‘No’. We don’t want to live with the fear that our children will die while playing in the streets.

‘No for building a joint struggle’

Emre Tuna from KeSKeSoR LGBTI organization in Diyarbakır stated that they would say ‘No’ and continued as follows: “The condition of OHAL (State of Emergency) has affected the LGBTI as well as other opponent segments in the society. In these conditions, we are also a target of official or non-official means of the government due to our opposing stand. In this regard, we say ‘No’ as KeSKeSoR Amed LGBTI organization.