If I cannot, my son will return to Sur’

DİYARBAKIR – “If I cannot, my son will return to Sur,” said Elif, who has a home to be pulled down in Sur.

Siege in the four neighborhoods of Diyarbakır’s Sur district has continued since December 2, 2015. The demolition began following the clashes has continued for more than a year in the district. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has added the destroyed places to ‘Zoning protection plan’. Within this plan, the demolition of homes, which aren’t under the siege, has begun.

One of homes to be demolished is a six-story building in the Dabanoğlu Neighborhood of Sur. Elif, whose home became the target of bullets and bombs repeatedly, returned to her home after the clashes. Elif is wanted to get out from her home again. “They want to take both our future and memories from us,” said Elif.

Elif has begun to evacuate her home due to 20-day evacuation order. Elif writes her thoughts on the walls of her home to be a memory from her. Elif’s following words remain on the wall:

Those who demolish our home today

Don’t sigh when their homes are demolished one day

Long-awaited life cannot be built by miracles; it is built by revolution…

‘My son was born with the sounds of resistance’

Elif got married three years ago and moved to Sur. Elif gave birth to her son early during the clashes. She gives the name Robin (New day) her son. Elif talked about the day as follow: “I was six-month pregnant. I watched the youths, who were digging the trench every night. The baby inside me heard the sounds of the digging tools. I had to leave Sur when my son was born too early two days later the declaration of the curfew.” Elif said she had longed for Sur for months.

Stating that she was forced to leave her home two months later she returned to her home after the clashes were ended in Sur, Elif said, “Our home’s door was broken when we returned to our home after the curfew was lifted. One day, the TOKİ (the division for state housing) teams came to our home. According to what they say, this home doesn’t belong to us anymore and we should leave the home. They offered three choices and gave us 20-day time. They offered us to give us a home from TOKİ, to give us the money for our home or a new home to be built in Sur. I wanted a home to be built in Sur. Then they told us that giving a home from Sur would be very difficult because they already started to sell the places.”

‘My son will grow in Sur’

Elif wrote on the door of her home, “If I cannot, my son will return to Sur”. Elif said, “They are doing that to get revenge on the people. I have forgotten neither the resistance nor the sounds of the digging tools, I will tell them to my son and my children to be born.”