Hunger strike launched in Diyarbakır by families on the 10th day

DİYARBAKIR – The hunger strike launched in Diyarbakır led by the prisoners’ families in order to support the hunger strikes in prisons is on the 10th day.

The hunger strikes launched by prisoners in many prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan with the demands that the isolation imposed upon the PKK Leader Absullah Öcalan to be ended and the conditions in the prisons to be improved have continued. Prisoners’ relatives as well as politicians and artists have continued to support the families’ members, who have launched the hunger strike in the building of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP). Today the fifth group takes over the hunger strike.

‘Everyone should stand up for the action’

DBP Diyarbakır Co-Chair Ruken Akça, who has taken over the hunger strike from the fourth group, called on everyone to stand up for the hunger strike action of the prisoners. Stating that the hunger strike launched led by the families is on the 10th day, Ruken said, “Not only the families but also all our people should stand up for the hunger strikes. Everyone should support the hunger strikes launched outside.”

After the statement of the hunger strikers, the people shouted the slogan, “Long live the resistance in the prisons.”