Firdevs collects and sells natural products for 25 years

HATAY – Firdevs Keser, who has collected products from nature and sold them on the market in the İskenderun district of Hatay, says she has done this job for 25 years and she is very happy to work.

Living in the İskenderun district of Hatay, Firdevs Keser (55) has sold the products she has collected from nature in the market for 25 years. Firdevs, who moved to İskenderun from Antakya where she had financial difficulties, says she becomes professional at this job. Among the products that Firdevs prepares and sells, there are pomegranate syrup, flaked red pepper, dill, and thyme, several types of cheese special to Hatay, olive oil, olive, eggs and leaves of terebinth.

 ‘I collect some of the products from mountain’

 Firdevs says, “I produce all of them. These products are organic and non-additive products. I collect some of the products from mountain. For example; I make the flaked red pepper, pomegranate, olive oil and cheeses. And I collect the dill, thyme and leaves of terebinth from mountain.”

 She sells the product in market

Firdevs states that she sells the products she collects in the market for three-four days. Firdevs says, “I go to mountain to collect natural products. Of course, finding them is easy for me because I know where they are. After collecting them, I go to the market at 7 a.m. to sell the products. I work there until 6 p.m.”

 ‘Women become professional by doing their jobs’

Noting that working in the market is difficult and also enjoyable; Firdevs states the women can do everything if they want. Firdevs says, “A woman, who has will, never says, ‘I will stay at home and my husband will give me money’. This woman earns her own money. I also do housework, I also have children. The women, who want to work, can work and they become professional by doing their jobs.”