ESP Co-chair Çiçek Otlu detained

NEWS CENTER- Police conducted house raids and detained many people, including the ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed) Co-chair Çiçek Otlu.

In the morning, police conducted house raids in Istanbul, Diyarbakır, Antep and Dersim within the scope of an investigation opened by Public Prosecutor of Dersim. In the house raids conducted in Istanbul, the ESP (Socialist Party of the Oppressed) Co-chair Çiçek Otlu has been detained. Çiçek Otlu protested her detention by shouting slogans, “No to the dictator” and “We won’t make you president”.

The names of some detained people are as follows: ESP Party Council member Mustafa Naci Toper, ESP Antep Provincial Chairperson Ayşe Esmer, ESP Central Executive Board Member İlke Başak Baydar, Youth Wing and the Socialist Youth Associations Federation (SGDF) Central Executive Board Member Beren Atıcı, HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Party Council member Ekber Kaya, ESP member Hakan Kavut and HDP Dersim Provincial Administrator Hüseyin Dağdeviren.