Detention in Erciş, Malazgirt and Hazro

NEWS CENTER- Numerous citizens have been detained in Diyarbakır’s Hazro district, Muş’s Malazgirt district and Van’s Erciş district.

Police attacked the people after the rally for the referendum took place in the Erciş district of Van. Many citizens were detained during the police attack. While the reason for the detention is unknown, no one knows where the detained citizens have been taken.

3 detained after the operation

The air-supported operation, which was launched in villages between Lice and Hazro districts of Diyarbakır yesterday morning, ended. The soldiers blockaded the Çitlibahçe (Helhel) village of Hazro and searched many homes in the village. Two villagers named Remziye and Zahad – their surnames are unknown- and an unidentified villager have been detained in the village. No information has been received about where the detained villagers have been taken.

17 citizens detained in Malazgirt

In the morning, soldiers raided many homes in the Konakkuran Town of Muş’s Malazgirt district and detained 17 citizens. The reason for the detention of 17 citizens, including two mukhtars, is unknown yet.

17 citizens have been taken to the Gendarmerie Commando Unit in Malazgirt