Ballots in where the HDP takes votes moved

AĞRI/BATMAN – Ballots in Ağrı and Batman have been moved days before the referendum.

Ballots in the Taşlıca and Patnos districts of Ağrı have been moved days before the referendum. While the ballots in the Tanyolu and Yankaya villages of Taşlıca have been moved to the city center, the ballots of 21 neighborhoods have been combined with 10 neighborhoods in Patnos. HDP Central Executive Committee Member Metin Bingöl said, “They are scared the interest that the people showed us during the HDP’s referendum rallies. A week before the referendum, they have combined the ballots for fear of the referendum.

Ballots in Batman combined

The ballots in Batman city center’s neighborhoods Belde, Cudi, Gültepe, Pazaryeri, Gap, Petrol, Raman, Tılmerç, Seyitler, Petrolkent, Huzur and 19 Mayıs have been combined with the ballots of other schools without showing any reasons. In these neighborhoods, the HDP has received more than 80% of the vote in the elections. The Provincial Election Board informed that to the mukhtars instead of the parties. Thereupon, the administrators of the HDP met the director of the Election Board, the director told the administrators, “We inform the mukhtars, we don’t have to inform you. Go and do whatever you can.”

HDP has filed an opposition against the order to the Provincial Election Board and the Supreme Electoral Council.