TJA commemorate the people killed in Halabja and Beyazıt

DİYARBAKIR –Free Women’s Movement (TJA) commemorated the people killed in Halabja and Beyazıt massacres.

Free Women’s Movement (TJA) issued a written statement on 29th anniversary of Halabja Massacre. The statement read, “The dictatorship regimes, which divides a country and a people into four parts and put them in the process of denial and annihilation, will be remembered as unforgivable in the history. Saddam regime, which responded the freedom resistance of our people in South Kurdistan by carrying out Enfal and Halabja massacres, gets its deserved place as a monument of shame.

“The best way to prevent the genocide against our people and to stand by our people’s freedom resistance, hope and pain is to develop and grow the struggle for freedom. We will show our fidelity to our martyrs of Halabja by making democratic nation system of all peoples in Kurdistan and Middle East successful and by destroying all the dictators like Saddam. We will never forget the Halabja children, women and men, who were killed. On this occasion, the judge of the killers, who carried out Beyazıt Massacre on March 16, 1996, will be our people’s struggle. We promise our martyrs in Halabja and Beyazıt that we will keep their memories alive with our struggle.”