Thousands march to the positions of the KDP

NEWS CENTER- Thousands of people from the villages and Xanesor town of Shengal to Rojava are marching to the positions of the KDP in Shengal.

The people from Rojava gathered in Xanesor town of Shengal in order to condemn the attacks on Xanesor Town of Shengal. The people came from Xanesor, Serdeşt and the villages of Shengal welcomed the crowd came from Rojava. Thousands of people gathered at the PADÊ center office carried the flags of the YBŞ, YJŞ, PADÊ, TAJÊ and posters of the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Thousands of people have headed towards the area where KDP-affiliated groups are stationed. The people got off the cars at the exit of the Xanesor town and started to march from there to the KDP positions. Members of Hesekê Assembly, Kongreya Star, Syriac Assembly, Rojava Youth’s Union, Shengal Construction Assembly, PADÊ, TAJKÊ and Shengal Youth Movement participate in the march.