Southern women: We should organize against the system of power

SULAYMANIYAH- The women, who participated in the ‘Women and the Leader’ conference organized by the Kurdistan Free Women’s Movement (RJAK), underlined that male-dominant system tried to push the women out of the life and for that reason the women should fight against that mindset by organizing stronger.

Kurdistan Free Women’s Movement (RJAK) held the ‘Women and the Leader’ conference in the Sulaymaniyah city of Federal Kurdistan Region. While many female delegates participated in the conference held with the motto “Freedom of women, free equal life with the Leader Apo’s philosophies”, the women discussed political, economic and social problems in the conference. One of the women participated in the conference; Tanya Kerîm said the conference was very important for the Southern women. Stating that the women pointed out the problems they faced during the conference, Tanya said they searched a solution to the problems discussed.

‘We should organize against the system of power’

Saying that the women are stronger, Tanya continued her speech as follows; “It is come to light in the conference that the people are in need of education. The effect of wrong politics on society is causing the crisis was also discussed in the conference. In addition of this, female politicians shouldn’t act according to the parties and they should put their thoughts forward by their will and should organize. When we look at the current system, we see the male-dominant system is in the control. The male-dominant system is trying to push the women out of the life and for that reason the women should fight against that mindset by organizing stronger.”

‘Women’s quota is needed’

Former MP of Iraq, Rabia Mihemmed Abdullah said, “The PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan places a great emphasis on women’s struggle. The conference took place in the light of these thoughts. As women living in the South, we don’t have solutions for the problems that the society has faced. As women, we haven’t made any progress on women’s freedom. All these issues were discussed in the conference. The women should lead the society in economic, political, military and all areas. There are women in the YNK but they don’t have any role and mission. We need the women’s quota and we should put this into practice.”

History teacher Vîjdan Nûredîn noted that mind-developing discussions on economic, political, social and women’s issued were made. Pointing out the ongoing economic crisis in the South Kurdistan, Vîjdan said, “Discussing our future is very important as women because the most women and children are affected by this crisis. Women are taken away from economic, politics and other social issues. And now they don’t have the right to speak on the future of the society. The women can solve the problems of the society and their problems by having the right to speak.”

‘The women should stand by themselves’

Êzidî Piroz participated in the conference with her daughter and said, “We participated in this conference in order to ask why the Êzidî women are in the hand of Daesh. The KDP asayish doesn’t find any solution. Why do Êzidî women are the victims of the dirty policies of the KDP? I am calling all women to stand by themselves.”