March 8 message from Rojava: We create and protect our freedom

EFRÎN/DIRBÊSIYÊ – Women in three cantons of Rojava take to the streets for March 8 and give the message, “We create and protect our freedom.”

The women all over the world are taking to streets to celebrate March 8, International Women’s Day. One of the most magnificent celebrations is taking place in the cantons of Rojava. The common celebration area for women living in Cizre Canton was Kepez village of Dirbêsiyê city. Thousands of women living in Cizre Canton filled the village for participating in the celebration March 8 organized by Kongreya Star in the morning. The women wore their colorful local dresses and carried flags. The celebration started after one minute silence. The women gave the message, “We create and protect our freedom”

Women from many districts, towns and villages headed for Efrîn city for participating in rally for March 8 in the morning. While the women shouted the slogan, “Jin, Jiyan Azadi” (Women Life Freedom) in the rally organized by Kongreya Star, the women took their place with their languages and dresses. HPC-Jin Women’s Asayish, traffic police officers and special force team of the General Public Security Force met the women. Thousands of women are participating in the March 8 rally and the rally continues.

Thousands of women coming from Kobanê, Girê Spî, Minbicê and Sirînê gathered in the Free Women’s Square in the Kobanê city center. All segments of women in northern Syria have participated in the celebration to be held in new neighborhood of Kobanê Canton for the first time. The celebration in Kobanê continues.