Kongra Star: Nujîyan dedicated her life to the love for truth and freedom

NEWS CENTER- Kongra Star has issued a written statement on the killing of journalist Nujîyan Erhan and condemned the attack of the KDP on Shengal.

Journalist Nûjiyan Erhan was shot in attacks of the KDP-affiliated armed groups on Shengal on March 3. Being seriously wounded in the head, Nûjiyan was taken to Haseke hospital in Rojava. She fought for her life for 19 days; however, she couldn’t be saved and she passed away on March 22. Kongra Star has issued a written statement on the killing of Nujîyan and condemned the attacks of the KDP on Shengal.

The statement of Kongra Star is as follows;

“The fascists National-States, through femicide, try to occupy the society. But, thanks to the resistance and the vanguard of women, the people have never bowed to them and have continued to demand freedom.

Hevala Nujîyan was among the women struggle for the truth. She dedicated her life to the love for truth and freedom.

Heval Nujîyan, journalist of the Ragihandina Azad (Free Press) from 2005 until the last moment of her life, kept on her work of information in different areas and revealed the reality of the struggle, the resistance of the people and of the enemies of the humanity.

Nujîyan Erhan, the reporter of JINHA Women’s News Agency, was in Sengal to shed light on the pain and on the persecution experienced by the Ezidi people and to report it to the world. On March 3, when the gangs of AKP-KDP attacked the village of Xanesorê, she was on the front line to cover what was happening and to avoid that the truth to be hidden, for this reason; she was deliberately targeted by AKP- KDP gangs of fascist occupiers who shot her in the head.

Unfortunately, after 19 days of struggle for life, despite all efforts, she became one of the martyrs of the struggle for freedom and for truth.

We condemn once again the attack of the AKP-KDP gangs of fascist occupiers and we promise to keep on fighting on the way that the blood of martyrs has enlightened and to keep on searching and protecting the truth.