Journalist Nujiyan Erhan passes away

HESEKÊ – Journalist Tuğba Akyılmaz (Nujiyan Erhan), who was seriously wounded during the KDP’s attack on Shengal, has passed away.

KDP-affiliated armed group attacked Xanesor town of Shengal on March 3, 2017. Journalist Tuğba Akyılmaz (Nujiyan Erhan) was seriously wounded in the attack and she was taken to Hasekê hospital. Nujiyan couldn’t be saved and passed away last night.

Who is Tuğba Akyılmaz?

Born in the Hilvan district of Urfa, Tuğma went to the Federal Kurdistan Region by joining the human shield protest in 2005. Tuğba, who used the name Nujiyan Erhan, did journalism in South Kurdistan, Qandil and Shengal.

Tuğba reported the scream of Êzidî women and the liberation of Shengal to the world.