Curfew lifted in Lice: Women targeted again

DİYARBAKIR –Curfew, which was declared in the 18 villages of Lice, has been lifted after 10 days. While 10,000 soldiers and village guards tortured the people in the villages where operations were launched, particularly, the women were subjected to sexual torture.

Curfew, which was declared in the 18 villages of Diyarbakır’s Lice district on March 5, has been lifted this morning. In the statement made by the Governorate, it is stated that the operations continue even if the curfew has been lifted. In the 10-day curfew, 10,000 soldiers and village guards launched operation in the villages and rural areas. They tortured the people and there wasn’t any connection with the villagers. The siege and operations were expanded to Tuzla (Xweylîn), Dernek (Tilê) and Yamaçlı (Dizdeynê) villages, where the curfew wasn’t declared.

Homes in Karahasan, Kali, Delvan, Mûla, Yenişehir, Müminağa and Şaar villages were searched within the scope of the curfew and according to reports received, 24 citizens were detained; however, no one knows where they are taken.

Brother of Ceylan Önkol detained

Ferhat Önkol, brother of 12-year-old Ceylan Önkol, who lost her life due to a shell fired by military battalion while she was pasturing sheep in Hambaz (Xambaz) hamlet of Şenlik village in Lice district on September 28, 2009, is among the detained villagers.

Women subjected to sexual torture

Soldiers and police, who blockaded the villages with armored vehicles, didn’t allow the villagers, even the children to go out. According to reports received from the villagers, the soldiers and police officers harassed the women.