2 women’s associations in Muş closed, solidarity continues in sports hall

MUŞ – Women are getting together in different place for solidarity with women after two associations worked for women in Muş were shut down by KHK decrees. Member of the closure MUKADDER Association, Nurcan Çetinbaş opens a sports hall and give this hall to women to get together.

Muş Women’s Association (MUKADDER) and Muş Women’s Roof Association (Muş Kadın Çatısı Derneği) were shut down by KHK decrees. The women, whose associations were shut down, continue the solidarity in different places against violence against women. Continuing her struggle against the social pressure against women in Muş, Nurcan Çetinbaş, member of the closed MUKADDER, is determined to break the social perception by supporting the women to get together in her B-Fit Sports Hall.

‘There are women in unseen workforce’

Stating that Muş is one of the most common places of social oppression, Nurcan said, “There is a social oppression on women in Muş. There are serious pressures on women’s participation in work and socialization. Women can do something by giving serious personal effort. Or their brothers, fathers or husbands stop them from doing anything. The rate of women attending university in Muş is about 17 percent and the rate of women attending high school is about 23 percent. Women are taken away from education and having a job is very difficult for women. They are in unseen workforce. They work more in homes and fields.”

‘The goal is to create a social space for women’

Stating that there are so many women’s associations shut down due to the State of Emergency, Nurcan said the women hadn’t any alternative space. Nurcan expressed that all the places in solidarity with women were shut down and for that reason, she opened a sport hall. Underlining that her primary purpose of opening the sports hall is to create a social space for women, Nurcan said, “There isn’t any place for women to get together and to socialize. Another purpose is economic. The women from every walk of life have come to the sport hall since I opened it. Housewives, lawyers, doctors come here to get together. They are in solidarity with each other.”

‘Solidarity creates power’

Nurcan called on all women and said, “Don’t be silent; we should do whatever we can in homes and streets. Take a step to do a job, this job will carry you a step forward. Always there is a woman who is in solidarity with another woman. Solidarity creates power.”