‘We say ‘No’ for Sur, Gever, Nusaybin, Cizre’

VAN – Women from every walk of life in Van emphasized that they would say “No” in the referendum to take place in Turkey on April 16 to the constitution in which the murderers of women walk around freely; the people cannot live with their identities freely; no one has been called to account for the children and women killed during curfews.

Following the determination of the date for the referendum, the women’s “No” voices rise further. Van women, who become a voice against the presidential system, call everyone to vote “No” to the constitutional amendment package.

‘I say ‘No’ for freedom of the leadership’

Stating that the Kurdish people and their lands have been under colonialism for centuries, Gevher Botan said, “I say ‘No’ because I was taken away from my land and I have suffered for years. We say ‘No’ until our leader become free and this people become free. We say ‘No’ because every day we ask ourselves if we could find our children death bodies. We say ‘No’ for leaving a good future to my children and grandchildren. We don’t want to face the pressures imposed in 1990s.”

Underlining that the women are subjected to massacres, Gülay Çelik said, “We say ‘No’ because many children have died due to dozens wrong politics. For years, we, as women, have been killed or exploited for this reason we say ‘No’. We have faced a different attitude because we are the Kurds. This attitude kills us or forces us to leave our lands. We say ‘No’ to not face the same things. I never express myself freely. The state silences me or I am silenced for being a woman. Because of this I say ‘No’.”

‘I say ‘No’ to prevent femicide’

Stating that they would say ‘No’ to the presidential system for the freedom of women, the İpekyolu Co-chair Gönül Deniz said, “The women say ‘No’ firstly for their freedom. We are killed every day even if we fight against the femicide. The state couldn’t prevent the women being killed. At least, we say ‘No’ for our freedom.”

‘I say ‘No’ for next generation live freely’

Vahide Ersan said, “I say ‘No’ so that the next generation will not face the torture we faced and they won’t be forced to leave their lands. I say ‘No’ for lifting the state of emergency (OHAL) and this dictatorship.”

Meryem Tuncer pointed out the massacres carried out in self-government areas and said, “We say ‘No’ until those who carried out massacre in basements in Cizre to be called to account. We say ‘No’ because we had to protect our children’s death bodies in refrigerator. We say ‘No’ because we don’t forget the atrocity of the state in Sur, Nusaybin, Cizre, Gever.”