Those who close JINHA count Aysel being its reporter as a crime!

DİYARBAKIR – In the indictment prepared against Aysel Işık, reporter of JINHA Women’s News, the world’s first women’s news agency, Aysel’s posts on social media and being reporter of JINHA have been counted as a crime. The first hearing of Aysel will be held on March 1.

Aysel Işık, reporter of the JINHA Women’s News shut down by KHK decree, was detained while covering news in Şırnak where curfew was declared on March 14, 2016 and it is still imposed. Aysel, who made the news of the problems of displaced women and children faced, was taken into custody on November 21, 2016. Being in the Yeni Neighborhood of Şırnak with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Aycan İrmez, Aysel was forcibly taken into an armored vehicle by special forces.

She exiled to Urfa

Being taken to Şırnak Police Headquarters, Aysel was held in the custody until late hours. Aysel, also a student at the Şırnak University, was sent to Şırnak Prison for her posts on social media. A few days ago, Aysel was exiled from Şırnak Prison to Urfa No 2 T Type Prison.

An indictment prepared against Aysel Işık by Şırnak Prosecutor has been accepted by Şırnak 2nd High Criminal Court. The indictment is seeking prison sentence for Aysel on charges of “being member of an [illegal] organization”. The prosecutor Emre Eroğlu cites a photograph of Şırnak, where was destroyed for months as evidence.

Being JINHA reporter is a crime!

In the indictment, being JINHA reporter is counted as a crime and it is demanded Aysel to be tried for being reporter of JINHA. The first hearing of Aysel will be held on March 1 in Şırnak.