Mother of resistance in Sur: Fatma Ateş

DİYARBAKIR- One of six wounded people stuck in basement in Sur on February 19, 2016, Fatma Ateş (55) lost her live due to her seriously wound. Fatma Ateş known as “Mother of resistance” in Sur, didn’t leave her home in Hasırlı Neighborhood.

Fatma Ateş became a moral source for everyone by not leaving her home during the curfew imposed in the Sur district of Diyarbakır. She became “Mother of resistance” by saying, “I won’t leave without the people here” for 80 days. 55-year-old Fatma was wounded by a piece of shrapnel fired on the basement she stuck in. Waiting for an ambulance for hours, Fatma passed away on February 19, 2016 on the way of the hospital. It is stated that she died due to a piece of shrapnel in her leg and bullet hit her chest. She was buried in the Tepecik village of Diyarbakır’s Kocaköy district.

Fatma passed her life with struggle. The Tepecik village of Kocaköy district of Fatma was burned by the state forces in 1992 and she had to move to the Hasırlı Neighborhood of Diyarbakır’s Sur district due to the pressures imposed on them. 19-year-old Beritan Ateş,one of six daughters of Fatma, told us Fatma’s life. She said, “My mother didn’t resist just for 80 days in her life, she resisted throughout her life. She was at the forefront in everywhere. My mother was the aunt and mother of those who resisted in Sur. My mother never bowed down.”

‘She didn’t think of leaving Sur’

Stating that her mother had courage and continued to talk about her mother, “My mother was very stubborn, if she said she would do something, she definitely did. My mother was like friend and comrade for her children. We told her everything because she was a very understanding person. My mother stayed in Sur since 1992 and she never thought of leaving Sur. The life in Sur was different, it was very beautiful. My mother always told us, “They forced me to leave my land once; they cannot do that one more time.” And she didn’t leave Sur.”

Stating that her mother always protected the women, Beritan said, “My mother was popular among the people. Nine out of 10 people living in Sur know my mother and what kind of person she was. Everyone loved her. She was like a master of Sur. When my mother stuck in Sur, I called her almost every day but mostly I couldn’t reach her due to connection problem. I asked her why she didn’t leave and she answered me that she wouldn’t leave her land and children and she would die in her home. She had to leave Sur after my and our relatives’ persistence.”

‘We will be determined like her’

Saying that she was proud of her mother and her mother was a part of the resistance, Beritan said, “Our homes and streets have been destroyed, but I know we remember all parts of Sur and we will never forget these parts. We will never leave our lands. We will be determined like my mother.”