Men kill 29 women in January

NEWS CENTER- In Turkey, where femicide continues increasingly, and men killed 29 women, attacked four Transwomen and sexually abused 27 children in January.

While attacks on women in Turkey continue to increase day by day, in 2016 men killed 261 women, sexually assaulted 75 women, harassed 119 women; sexually abused 417 girls; injured 348 women. . According to Bianet’s review of reports from local and international newspapers, news websites and agencies, men killed 29 women, suspected six women to sexual assault, sexually abused 27 girls and used violence against 23 women.

According to the data, 52% of the women were killed by their partners and friends. 24% of the women were killed by their husbands they wanted to divorce and partners. The women were killed in Adana (1), Antalya (1), Balıkesir (3), Giresun (2), Istanbul (4), İzmir(5), Kocaeli (2), Konya (1), Samsun (1), Sivas (1), Trabzon (3), Urfa (3), Van (1) and Yozgat (1).

 Sexual assault

In January, six sexual assaults were reported by the media. Two of the sexual assaulters were the fathers of women, one was a man the woman met from social media, one was a bus driver, one was a man of the woman’s friend and one was a man unknown by the woman.


At least six women were subjected to harassment in January.

 Child Abuse

Men sexually abused 27 girls in January. According to the data, 63% of girls were subjected to abuse by their teachers. While four offenders of the abuse cases were released under judicial control, 14 men were sent to jail.


Men used violence/ injured 23 women in January. 17% of women subjected to violence were transwomen.