Call for 350,000 children in Mosul

NEWS CENTER- Save the Children warns Iraqi forces and USA about the safety of 350,000 children trapped in western Mosul.

The operation to retake Mosul’s west bank from Daesh has been launched. London-based a non-governmental organization “Save the Children” issued a statement on around 350,000 children trapped in Mosul upon the start of the operation in Mosul against Daesh. The statement reads, “Iraqi forces and their allies, including the US and UK, must do everything in their power to protect children and their families from harm, and avoid civilian buildings like schools and hospitals as they push deeper into the city. This is the grim choice for children in western Mosul right now: bombs, crossfire and hunger if they stay or execution and snipers if they try to run. Safe escape routes for civilians must also be established as soon as possible.”