Başkale women: ‘No’ to those who ignore us

VAN – The women, who continue to say “No” to the referendum to take place on April, underlined that their right to life hadn’t been recognized.

Women’s reaction to the constitutional amendment package that would establish a presidential system in the country continues to rise. Stating that they would say ‘No’ to life wanted to founded on monism and fascism, Şengül Polat, Deputy Co-mayor of Başkale Municipality that a trustee has been appointed to, said, “As women in Başkale, we say ‘No’. The most women say ‘No’ to the imposed referendum. The most important reason for this is that women’s rights haven’t been recognized at all. The women don’t want the one-man regime.”

‘Everyone should say ‘No’ to male dominant mindset’

Emphasizing that ‘Yes’ vote would mean taking away all your will and opinion, Şengül said, “The most women are killed, frustrated and their rights haven’t been recognized. For this reason, the women should say ‘No’ against injustice. The women should say, ‘I don’t accept this system’ and ignorance imposed by male dominated mindset.”

‘Women are ignored’

Nazime Abi, City Council Member of Başkale Municipality, underlined that the referendum to be held under the State of Emergency was unconstitutional. She said that a referendum would be implemented under pressure by detaining and arresting people. Emphasizing that the laws ignored the people, particularly the women, under the name of the constitutional amendment, Nazime stated that, “This is not only the Kurdish problem but also all peoples problem. If we don’t say ‘No’, one man regime will come into force.”

‘Resistance to the end’

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) District Co-chair Medine Tufan, meanwhile, said, “We want the colorfulness. We will continue to say ‘No’ to one language, one color, one flag and one man regime. We will speed up our struggle for a democratic country. We will resist to the end.”