Arrest in Xerabê Bava, demolition in Talatê

MARDİN – Two people detained in the besieged Xerabê Bava village of Nusaybin have been imprisoned, the demolition in the besieged Talatê village continues.

Three people, who were detained on February 11 in the besieged Xerabê Bava village of Mardin’s Nusaybin district, were sent to the court last night. While Şükrü Gürgün has been released after his testimony, Behçet Koçhan and Hatip Tunç have been imprisoned on charges of “being members of an [illegal] organization”. Meanwhile, Ekrem Altuğrul, who was detained in the Cinata Hiso (Büyükkardeş) village, has been released.

Attacks on Talatê village continue

While the siege imposed on the Xerabe Bava village continues, the attacks began again in the Talatê village under curfew this morning. As Water and electricity in the village have been cut off, according to reports received, new armored construction machineries were brought to the village and the demolition has been carries out in the village.