Cîhan Şêx Ehmed: The goal in the third phase is to encircle the city

RAQQA – Operation Wrath of Euphrates Spokesperson Cîhan Şêx Ehmed noted that they would encircle the city in the third phase of the operation to liberate Raqqa.

The beginning of the third phase in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates to liberate eastern Raqqa was announced in the Shabdax village of Girê Spî’s Silûk town in a press meeting. Operation Wrath of Euphrates Action Room Spokesperson Cîhan Şêx Ehmed read the press statement.

Cîhan Şêx Ehmed noted that they would encircle the city and cleanse the city from Daesh gangs and the civilian administration of the city will be governed by the people of Raqqa after the liberation of the city.

The details of the statement are as follows;

“The operation we launched to liberate Raqqa from Daesh occupation continues. We announce that we are starting the third phase in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates. Facing heavier defeats every day, Daesh gangs are increasing their attacks on civilians. In the third phase of our operation, we will liberate the villages located in the east of Raqqa from the atrocity of Daesh gangs with the support of the civilians living in this territory.”

Call upon Raqqa people

“Again, with the support of the tribes and opinion leaders of the region, and the aerial and special forces support of the International Coalition Forces, we will cleanse whole Raqqa of Daesh gangs. All the forces that joined the first and second phase of our operation will participate in the third phase as well. Many youths from the liberated areas will engage in the fight against gangs in the new groups to be formed when they complete their training.

While our operation continues, we call upon the Raqqa people to stay away from the locations where Daesh gangs are present, and to assist our forces when they reach their areas. We call on the youth of Raqqa to join our ranks and to liberate their lands.”