Women: We don’t recognize the Presidency and laws

DİYARBAKIR – Reaction to constitution amendment prepared by the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) is growing. “We don’t want their laws and presidency, we don’t recognize their decisions,” said women by emphasizing that one man’s regime would be formed with new laws.

Reaction to the proposal for the Constitution amendment prepared by the AKP and MHP being discussed at the General Assembly is growing. The women, who say they will not accept the Constitution amendment and they don’t want the presidential system, emphasize that they will not recognize the new laws.

‘First they should give an account of the people that they killed’

İffet Muhtaç said that the state should release the prisoners and find the missing people instead of changing the constitution amendment. İffet stated that the state hadn’t done anything good for the Turks and the Kurds until today and added, “We don’t support the state’s decision to amend the laws. Whenever the state changes something, another massacre takes place for the Kurdish people. We don’t want the people to die anymore. We want the war and fascism to be ended on these lands. They impose silence on these people by arresting our children and co-chairs. We don’t recognize the state or its decisions. First they should give an account of the people that they killed. They should make laws to judge the killers. He wants to declare himself as sultan in this country by bringing the presidency. We are against that. Turkish mothers should call the killer to account for their children instead of saying,

“May the country survive”

Raife Özbey said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to turn Turkey into Saudi Arabia and stated that Tayyip Erdoğan wants to be the king of this country. “He wants to do everything he wants. He arrested all people in order to take the control of all of the country. He wants to take all decisions by himself by closing all democratic means and annulling the parliament. Before, he didn’t listen to anyone but now everything will be legitimated. This is unacceptable. Oppression and atrocity on us is increasing day by day. The isolation imposed upon our leadership is getting worse day by day. This is neither humanistic, juristic nor ethic. He and those living under his shadow may want and support it, but we never support it. He wants everyone obey him but we won’t. We will not allow another Ottoman era starting. The era is the Kurdistan era. They want to massacre the Kurdish people freely; however, we will not allow that,” said Raife.

‘Which dictator is immortal?’

Kadriye Damla pointed out that one-man system would not be useful to anyone and said, “Every massacre, atrocity and torture carried out by them will be official. No one will call him to the account. We will come to power alone but we should ask him; has he seen an immortal dictator until now? We will call the account for every persecution both in this world and in the other world. He builds outposts all over the country. I am calling to Turkish mother from here; don’t allow your children to die. The only responsibility for your children death is the state. We don’t want he become president. He wants to be president for cruelty not for justice and law. We want our identity, land and freedom and we will take them. This state will surely get difficult and ask help from the Kurds.”