Women react to the closure of Kurdish Institute

İSTANBUL – Women react to the closure of Istanbul Kurdish Institute, which had been operating since 1992, by KHK decree. “We will continue our works even if our institute has been closed down. We condemn these practices of the state and government. They don’t want the Kurdish culture and art to be improved,” said the women.

The activity of 94 associations located in 20 cities of Turkey has been stopped by KHK decree issued by the Ministry of Interior. Istanbul Kurdish Institute, founded in 1992 under the leadership of Musa Anter, is among these associations. The institute taught many dialects of Kurdish language. The women, who react to the closure of the institute, said they would continue to keep Kurdish language alive in every area. Semra Ecer, one of the administrators of the Istanbul Kurdish Institute and a teacher of Kurdish language, noted that Kurdish Institute has an important role for the Kurdish language. Semra reminded the constant attacks on the Kurdish language and said, “We were already assimilated, at least we could express ourselves with our language between these four walls. We will continue our work even if our institute has been closed down. We will work for our language in a new place with a new institute.”

Semra said that they saw the institute as their home and all works carried out in the institute were about language. Semra evaluated the closure of the Institute saying, “It is an illegal approach. There is no Constitution in Turkey. They go out of their laws. But we know how the situation is. When this process will be over, we will continue where we leave and they will apologize to us. We won’t apologize to them. We carry out our work for our people.

Ayten Esen, one of students of the institute, also reacted to the closure and said, “The Kurdish Institute shouldn’t have been closed down. We condemn the practices of the state and ruling power.”

Another institute student Elif Yıldırım said, “We had course here. The Institute was very efficient for us. All our people should have been here today. If all of us rise up together, we can successfully achieve our demands and struggle. The ruling power doesn’t want we learn our language, they want to assimilate us. We will continue to fight for our native language.”

Yasmin Babatkayan also is a student of the institute and condemned the closure of the institute. Yasmin said, “I feel bad for these savages for being so afraid of our language. The importance of the Kurdish Institute is the spread of Kurdish culture and art. They want to assimilate us and prevent our development. They don’t want the Kurdish culture and art to be improved.”