Witnesses in Siirt: women were shot in the street

SİİRT- Witnesses of the incident that two women executed in Siirt said two women were shot in the street not at home.

The details of the execution of two women in the Çal Neighborhood of Siirt by fire opened by police have been gotten. Even though Siirt Governorate announced that two women were killed during a house raid, it is come out that the two women were killed in the street not at home.

According to Dihaber’s news, bullet casings and blood trails were seen in the 215th street of Çal Neighborhood. A witness, who didn’t want his/her name to be used for security reason, said, “We heard gunshots last night at 00:30. Gunshots continued for five minutes. I looked through the window and saw a person was lying on the ground and police were still shooting the person on the ground. We heard an explosion sound 1-2 hours after the gunshots stopped. Police explored something in the places where killed person was. I just saw a dead body. They put a dead body into the ambulance.”

Another witness in the neighborhood confirmed the statements above.

There is a deep hall formed due to the explosion at the scene and the windows of around houses have been broken.