University students: We must provide our own security

ISTANBUL – After the attack of Daesh in Istanbul on New Year, the reaction to a photo targeting Istanbul University shared by a magazine known as their intimacy with Daesh increases. “We should trust in our own organization and we should provide our own security,” said university students by emphasizing the nonfunctional searches in the university.

Since 2013, systematic attacks on revolutionary, socialist and patriotic students have been increasingly continued. University student Buse Bayram evaluating the attacks against them and said, “Istanbul University has become a target after an image published by Daesh. After the publication of this image, we made a call to the university administration to take measure as students. As Revolutionary Youth Union, we issued a statement following this attack and demanded whoever is responsible must be brought to book.”

‘We know that trucks with weapons were sent’

Buse noted that they, as university students, knew that the government sent trucks with weapons to Daesh. Buse stated that they faced attacks while distributing leaflets after their university targeted. Buse said, “I think the attacks at the university are against all students. All youth organizations should stand side-by-side against these attacks.”

Another student Merve Nur Avşar, who stated that Istanbul University was known as the stronghold of the left, said, “Daesh sympathizers and various nationalist groups are attacking the students because the rector tolerates them. After the Reina massacre, we distributed leaflets as Revolutionary Youth Union. Some groups perceived our word, “reactionary gangs” written on the leaflets as insulting the Muslims and attacked us. These attacks show us that Deash and the government are responsible for these attacks.”

Merve pointed out that they must trust in their self-organization and said that, “We know very well that reactionary fascists attack university students by passing from check points. For this reason, we must trust in our self-organization and provide our own security.