Two-year of captivity ends: I will take up arms and fight

SHENGAL- Two Êzidî women, who were abducted by Daesh gangs, managed to escape after two-year of captivity. Expressing that they were subjected to systematic torture by gangs, the women said they would take up arms and fought.

On August 2014, Daesh gangs attacked Shengal and killed many Êzidî, abducted thousands of women and sold the women in slave markets. While many abducted women managed to escape from gangs, many are still held by gangs. As of today, two women freed from gangs have reached Shengal. Two women, who reunite with their families, told of the atrocity of Daesh gangs.

‘We were subjected systematic violence’

23-year-old woman, who doesn’t want give her name for security reasons, said, “When gangs attacked, they captured 65 people from my family. I haven’t received any news from them. Gangs’ members used systematic violence against us. I had been kept in a dark place for two years; I didn’t see daylight for two years. They kept us in closed place so we couldn’t escape. They sold the women. We managed to escape while we were in Raqqa.

‘I will take up arms and fight against gangs’

Another abducted woman by gangs is mother of two. She said five members of her family were taken captive during the attacks of gangs. The Êzidî woman said they had been taken to Koço School during the attacks and continued as follows; “they tied the men’s hands and closed their eyes. We don’t know what they did to those men later. They took the young and unmarried women away from us. Then they took all women to Tilafer. After staying there for one month, they took us to another place. I didn’t know how to use a gun and couldn’t protect myself. But as of today, I will take up arms and fight against gangs.”