‘They call the destruction continues in Sur for months as ‘construction’

DİYARBAKIR – Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Sur Co-chair Ayhan Doğrual stated that the destruction continues in Sur for a year has been shown as “public works and construction” by the government and the press and said that, “Outposts will be built in neighborhoods and those outposts will be against the people. Sur people shouldn’t sell their homes to anybody.”

While the destruction began in the Sur district of Diyarbakır following the declaration of “curfew” on December 2, 2015, has continued, the destruction has been shown as “public works and construction”. While the projects to be carried out in the town by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization have appeared in the press with the titles, “Historical transformation” and “Sur is revived”, UNESCO, adds Sur to in the the World Cultural Heritage lists, hasn’t taken any step against the destruction that lasts for a year. Still four neighborhoods are being demolished as part of these projects.

‘They try to seize Sur’

Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Sur Co-chair Ayhan Doğrual said that Sur had been tried to seize Sur by imposing such policies. She pointed out to outposts and checkpoints built after the clashes and said, “There are outposts and checkpoints in everywhere, you see a police officer in each step you take. There are six outposts in places under blockade. Of course, these outposts and checkpoints have been built against the Kurds. They want to intimidate the Kurdish people. Every night one person is being battered or detained in every checkpoint.”

‘It is obvious who put those tanks in Sur’

Ayhan emphasized that the ignoring of the ongoing destruction in neighborhoods under siege for more than a year under the name of “construction” by the government is unacceptable and said that, “First, the tanks damaged Sur and it is obvious who put those tanks in Sur. Every day, they shelled the district where they call as “The town famous with its history”. They began to demolish there following the end of the clashes. Four neighborhoods don’t exist now as a result of the destruction continues for months. If they allowed the people to enter the town, the people would rebuild their homes. Now, the government makes statement and says “We will protect the history” by ignoring the ongoing destruction. They will form artificial history not a history. The people should see this fact.”

‘Undestroyed places also will be pull down’

Ayhan stated that according the reports they received, the people, who live in not only the places under siege but also other places, got a notification to leave their homes. Ayhan said, “They will start to pull down the undestroyed houses. Neither we nor Sur people want our houses to be pulled down and to be turned into an outpost. They build the outposts against us. These outposts appear in the Turkish press as public works and construction.”