The AKP’s new ‘Women’s laws’ published

ANTEP- Şahinbey Municipality distributes a book named, “Kadın ve aile ilmihali” (İlmihal of women and family- İlmihal means a book that tells the information that every Muslim should to learn and do about faith, practices and morality) that humiliates and targets women. In the book, it is written, “Women shouldn’t take a taxi, if they take, they should sit in the back passenger seat.”

A book distributed by Şahinli Municipality held by the AKP in Antep gets reaction from the city council. According to Odatv, a book named “Kadın ve aile ilmihali” written by Mehmet Paksu argues that the fiancées should not touch each other, and when they come together, there must be a third person near them.

‘Women shouldn’t take a taxi’

The book says the women shouldn’t take a taxi alone unless they have to and if the women take a taxi, they should sit in the back passenger seat. The book also says, “The prostitution gate is first opened by looking”. The book describes television, magazines and newspapers as “drugs” and football and lottery as “official drugs”.

The book led to a debate in Şahinbey Municipal Council. Uğur Kalkan, councilor of the municipality from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), demanded the President of the Municipal Council to open an investigation by showing the book. Uğur wanted to read the chapters of the book; however, the President of the Municipal Council didn’t allow him asked from him to write his objection.