Syrian family faces the risk of freezing

VAN – Syrian families, who had been forced to leave their country due to the attacks of Daesh gangs, are fighting for their lives in difficult conditions in the cities of Turkey and Kurdistan.

Hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Arabs, who had been forced to leave Syria after the ongoing civil war broke out in their country, are fighting against poverty in the cities of Turkey and Kurdistan. Last year, the European Union demanded the refugees’ living conditions to be improved by paying $ 3 billion to Turkey for refugees. Nevertheless, the AKP government has done no work to improve the living conditions of refugees. Not only that, the AKP government has condemned the refugees to hunger with cheap labor.

They live in barracks made of nylon

One of these families is the family of Meryem Yasin, her husband and four kids. About a year ago, Meryem Yasin migrated to the Akköprü Neighborhood of Van’s Tuşba district after the attacks of Daesh gangs on Aleppo. Meryem lives in a barrack made of nylon with her husband and four children aged between 1-7 years old. Meryem blankets inside the barrack made of nylon in order to protect her children from cold weather.

They use one of the two tents they built with their own means as home the other as storage. Mehmet, the oldest child in the family, put his siblings under blanket in order to protect them from cold. One and half years old Ruken, who has messy hair, scampers around smilingly without knowing all the negativities around her.