She wants to bury his son in the land where he will

MARDİN – Münevver, who learns that her son Mehmet Ağırman, who died during the curfew imposed in Nusaybin, was buried in Urfa, says Mehmet told her, “Bury me in Nusaybin” and she wants to fulfill his will.

Though 10 months have passed since the curfew was declared on March 14, 2015 in the Nusaybin district of Mardin by the Governorate, the bodies of dozens people, who lost their lives in the town, haven’t been given to their families. After lifting of the curfew partly on July 25, 2016, the families of 83 people applied to Forensic Medicine Institute in Mardin in order to take their relatives’ bodies. Family of Mehmet Ağırman, who lost his life during the curfew, hasn’t been able to take Mehmet’s body for nine months. This week, the family learned that their son had been buried in the cemetery of the nameless in Urfa. The family wants to bury Mehmet in the Hacca Cemetery in Nusaybin as their son will; however, the cemetery is still under curfew.

Münevver Ağırman stated that she wanted to fulfill the last wish of Mehmet; however the curfew was still going on where they wanted to bury Mehmet. She said they would fulfill his last wish even if the curfew continued for two years.

“My son was buried in the cemetery of the nameless but my son has a name. We haven’t got his body for nine months, is it justice and humanity?” asked Münevver and added, “We will fulfill his last wish. This is our duty. All we want is to bury our son according to our traditions. We want to bury him how a martyr is buried. This is his right. They entered to this struggle for us and we fought for us. We will bury him there when this curfew is lifted. We stand by Mehmet and we will continue his struggle.”