‘No to ‘one-man’ dictatorship!’

ANKARA- While Constitutional amendment debates continue, Ankara women oppose one-person to be in the decision making mechanism. The women state that the women will be completely ignored in the ‘presidential’ system.

While Constitutional amendment debates continue, women say “No to one-man regime!” by raising their voice. The women oppose the one-person presidency in the state government and masculine system coming after presidential system. The women state that the women will be completely ignored in the ‘presidential’ system and expressed that giving the decision, authorization and control mechanisms to one person is against freedom and democracy. The first two articles of the Constitutional amendment have been accepted by the AKP and MHP votes until now. The women, who don’t accept the dictatorship system, say;

Female Secretary of the Bureau Laborers’ Union (BES) Meryem Çağ: We, as women, don’t accept the constitutional package which has been discussed by revoking the parliament. Women have a beef with this package and we say “no” to it. The prepared package is completely for obedience and it is the capture of the country by the hegemony of a person which we call as “one-man dictatorship”. When we look at the massacres of women in Turkey, one of the main reasons of these massacres is that the women said “no” to men. I mean they were killed for wanting to divorce and build a new life and not obeying the men. The mindset of those men and the present ruling power feeds each other.

‘Women will be ignored in the presidential system’

The future system is the complete legalization of the masculinity. In the presidential system, women are completely ignored. They want to create a system in which all the words, authority, decision and control are given to a man and spread through a man. We say “no” to that. This system is against democracy, women’s rights, freedom and equality. A Constitutional must be prepared with the people. It is a social agreement. But we partly know what is included in this package. We say “no to one-man dictatorship” for peace, democracy and freedom.

Kezabn Saçılık, mother of Veli Saçılık, who lost one of his arms in the prison and was dismissed from his duty by KHK decree, said: Of course we say “no” to presidential system. One person will govern the country. This is the collapse of Turkey. I am against this system.

Gizem Erkan: The fascistic attitudes that the reactionary regime has increased in the last period has negative effect on us with more pressure, more persecution and more rape. They are trying to squelch us and reduce our voice with the attacks against democratic and revolutionary workers by issuing KHK decrees under the excuse of State of Emergency. We should say “no” to presidential system and capitalism.