File closed: The perpetrator of Remziye Bor is now ‘unknown’

VAN- The file opened for seven and half month pregnant Remziye Bor, who was shot and wounded in the house by special forces and lost his life in hospital, has been decided to be closed saying “There is no need a prosecution for being member of an [illegal] organization”.

About 10 months ago, seven and half month pregnant Remziye Bor was shot and wounded in her home in the Hacıbekir Neighborhood of Van’s İpekyolu district by special forces and she lost her life in the hospital. 27-year-old Remziye Bor’s husband İrfan Bor was arrested after the incident. The Public Prosecutor of Van completed the indictment against İrfan Bor. The prosecution demanded a case to be opened against İrfan Bor, who is prisoner in Van Type Prison” on charges of “being member an organization”. The prosecution has blocked the investigation to be opened into special forces’ members by saying “There is no need a prosecution for being member of an [illegal] organization” for Remziye Bor.

The prosecution completed the investigation, saying “she lost her life as result of counter fire fired by the organization’s militants.” for Remziye without carry out a crime scene investigation or ballistic report that must be done to reveal how and by whom she was killed.

Deniz Işık, lawyer of the family, pointed out that the prosecutor in charge of carrying out the investigation prepared the indictment by protecting the police in accordance with the state’s tradition. Deniz said that file had been closed without investigating the death of Remziye. Deniz emphasized that the investigation was prepared unlawfully.