Figen Yüksekdağ: Those who say ‘No’ will stop the rot

ISTANBUL – Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ stated that those who said ‘No’ would stop the rot despite all antidemocratic conditions, a transparent and unfair environment by saying the “No” potential against the “presidential system” was strong.

Answering the questions of the Cumhuriyet daily as a month delayed due to her conditions in Kandıra F Type Prison, the HDP Co-chair Figen Yüksekdağ made evaluations on the arrest processes and current issues. Noting that the prison had been evacuated by an instruction before she was taken into custody, Figen said, “Those who gave instruction to raid my home in the morning and broke my door aimed to destroy the hopes of our voters and all groups pinning their hopes upon politics. We are being held in prison under isolation conditions. This is absolutely an attack and punishment and revenge policy against us. We have learned that the isolation and implementation of the isolation is directly from the Ministry and the Government.”

‘Freedom struggle should be protected’

Figen gave information about her life in the prison and said, “I understand that; in this period we are all in, we are all outside. The same cruelty and captivity have been imposed on us both inside and outside. The freedom struggle and the freedom value should be protected before Turkey turns into a huge prison surrounded by the sea on three sides.”

‘Most of Co-chairs are in prison’

Figen said, “11 deputies, including co-chairs, of the HDP, the third largest parliamentary group, are in prison now. Almost all our provincial administrators are in prison. Most of elected co-mayors are in prison and trustees have been appointed to their places, this situation is rarely seen even in a coup-junta period.”

“We have faced a comprehensive annihilation operation with the political, judicial and black-media propaganda,” said Figen and summarized the progress of Turkey with the following words:

“Today, they are trying to block Turkey’s future by building a despotic regime. The only way which the expired ruling power finds to continue its power is to force ‘one-man’ and ‘one party regime’. The war continues in and out of the country creates the infrastructure of the targeted regime change under the State of Emergency (OHAL) – coup condition. In this case, if it is allowed, the presidential regime and permanent war will be the regime of OHAL.”

Figen pointed out the referendum process and said, “Those who say ‘No’ will stop the rot despite all antidemocratic conditions, a transparent and unfair environment by saying the “No” potential against the “presidential system” is strong. They are trying to weaken the libertarian fronts which will create this potential by launching operation against the HDP and democracy forces. Those who say ‘No’ for different reasons can be a decisive will to stop the rot. The important thing is to stand up to difficulty and force, not give up the struggle.”