Êzidî Camp completely evacuated by the order of trustee

DİYARBAKIR – The Fidanlık Camp, where Êzidîs stayed after fleeing from massacre in Shengal, has been completely evacuated by Mehmet Güzel, who has been appointed to Yenişehir Municipality as trustee.

Thousands of Êzidîs migrated to Diyarbakır due to the attacks of Deash in 2014 on Shengal. They stayed in Fidanlık Camp built for them. Their needs were met by the municipalities and people and most of them had begun to return. After the appointment of trustee to Yenişehir Municipality, the camp has been completely evacuated. Êzidîs have been sent to Midyat Camp, one the Disaster and Emergency Management Center (AFAD) in Mardin and other nearby camps. Êzidî repeatedly stated that there was no security of life in these camps and that they did not want to go; however, their tents in Fidanlık Camp were taken down.

Êzidîs formed a regular life in the Fidanlık Camp and created vegetable gardens and greenhouses in the camp. The Êzidîs, who didn’t want to leave the camp, had to leave the camp due to emergency evacuation decision.