Academic Nuriye Gülmen dismissed

ANKARA – Academic Nuriye Gülmen, who has protested her suspension for 59 days, has been dismissed by new KHK decree.

Academic Nuriye Gülmen, who has been suspended from her duty at Selçuk University through the statutory decree issued in the State of Emergency, protested her suspension in Yüksel Avenue in Ankara in order to take her job back. She also is one of the 8 leading women of 2016 listed by CNN International. Nuriye said “I have been suspended from duty, I want my job back” for 59 days; however, she has been dismissed by a new KHK decree.

After being dismissed, Nuriye wrote on her social media account; “If they have State of Emergency and KHK decrees, then we have our resistance. We accept their war. We will raise the struggle.”