’52 women, 19 children killed by violence’

DİYARBAKIR- Human Rights Association (İHD) has released 2016 report on violation of rights in the region. According to the report, 52 women and 19 children were killed by violence in 2016.

Human Rights Association (İHD) Diyarbakır Branch has released a report on violation of rights during the State of Emergency and clashes in 2016. In the meeting held in İHD Diyarbakır Branch, the violation of rights was conveyed.

2016 becomes the year of violence

In the report, it is pointed out that 2016 was the year of increasing violence against women and children. The report says, “Women are subjected to violence and killed every day. The most group subjected to violence is the children. The children have lost their lives due to explosives remain in clashes areas. Sexual abuse against the children also increased. The obligations weren’t fulfilled.

52 women, 19 children killed by violence

According to report, 11 women were driven to suicide, two women attempted suicide. 30 women were killed as a result of domestic violence. 11 women were injured and one woman was subjected to sexual assault.  In the social sphere, 11 women exposed to violence were killed, three women were injured and six women were subjected to sexual assault.

In the year, the death of nine children reported as unexpected, two children were driven to suicide. Eight children subjected to domestic violence were killed, two were injured and four children were subjected to domestic sexual assault. In the social sphere, two children were killed as result of violence and violation of rights and 110 children were subjected to sexual abuse.

‘Children rights should be guaranteed’

İHD points out the increasing sexual abuse against children in the last year in the report and emphasizes that the inadequacy of the laws guaranteeing children’s rights or the obligations arising from international contracts were not fulfilled.

İHD members said that as advocates of human rights, they believed in the sanctity of the right to life without discriminating language, religion, race, nationality, sex, ethnic and cultural difference under all conditions and they demanded the State of Emergency to be lifted, clashes environment to be ended and the resolution process to be restarted immediately.