Women’s 2017 message: We hope it will be a year of freedom in İmralı

VAN – While we are entering the New Year, women listed their wishes, “Women’s freedom passes through the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan,” said women and wanted the doors of İmralı to be opened.

While we are leaving the year 2016, in which the attacks on women reached the top level, behind us. The women, who listed their wishes, demand “peace” again. Women in Van called upon women to use self-defense against attacks while preparing to enter a new year.

‘Continue the struggle with our colors’

Hatice Yıldız, co-chair of Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Erciş District, indicated that the Kurdish people had carried out a struggle for over 30 years; “Many seedlings (refer to people) fell to the ground. There is no peace in places where there is no resistance. We resisted in 2016 for not accepting the ongoing oppression. We have resisted for years. We are never pessimistic. As women, we never descend into a mood of pessimism. If there wasn’t resistance and these gains, the women wouldn’t resist so much.”  Hatice reminded that trustees were appointed to municipalities elected by the people’s will and said, “2017 will be the women’s year. Although we are being excluded from the life, as Kurdish women, we will herald the resistance in each field with our colors.”

‘Women will continue the struggle in new year’

Edibe Babur, Co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Edremit District, expressed that the women would stand on their freedom despite all attacks. She said, “The year 2016 was the year of a great struggle for women. It was a successful year for women in politics. Women’s organizations were opened and the field of women began to renew itself day by day. We witnessed the women’s struggle in Kobanê, Shengal and Cizre Canton. The women actively participated in the struggle in each area.” Edibe noted that the women’s freedom is depending on the freedom of the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and said that, “Our only hope in 2017 is freedom for Abdullah Öcalan and the pressure on women to be ended.”

‘Hope 2017 will be a year of freedom for Abdullah Öcalan’

Leyla Işık, administrator of the HDP Van, said, “The 2016 was a very painful year for women. As women, we have been working everywhere for years. No year has passed like 2016. There was a women’s struggle in everywhere of Kurdistan. The women did their part in the best way. We saw the women’s resistance in Sur, Cizre and Nusaybin. These resistances are examples for us. They were a big gain for not only for women but also for the Kurdish people. Beside our gains, women’s bodies were displayed in the continuation of the dirty policies carried out on the women. Our municipalities were taken from us. But we never give up our struggle.” Leyla wished the 2017 would be the year of freedom for the PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan.