Soldiers threaten people with arrest if they hold Roboski commemoration

ŞIRNAK – On the anniversary of Roboski Massacre, soldiers stopped the people from commemorating the Roboski Massacre in Roboski village. Gülyazı Regimental Command blockaded the village and threatened the people to jail six of Roboski people if they hold the commemoration.

On 28 December 2011, 34 villagers were killed in Roboskî village of Şırnak’s Uludere district during the bombardment carried out by warplanes. The people, who want to commemorate Roboskî Massacre on the 5th Aniiversary, haven’t been allowed. Soldiers have closed the entrance and exit of the village and the road to the Roboski Cemetery and haven’t allowed the people to enter the cemetery. Many armored vehicles have been deployed in the village. On December 25, Roboski Union Head Veli Encü, Taybet Encü, peace activists Yannis Vasilis and Meral Geylani were taken into custody in Roboski. And yesterday, Hikmet Alma and Ubeydullah Encu were detained.

It is claimed that Gülyazı Regimental Command threatened Roboski people to jail the detained six people if they hold the commemoration. Nazife Encü, wife of Veli Encü, went to the police station to ask her husband situation. Soldiers allegedly told her, “If you go to the cemetery and hold the commemoration, forget the detained people. They will be jailed”. Meanwhile, it is said that the Regimental Commander called the village mukhtar and allegedly threatened the mukhtar saying, “They will be imprisoned if you hold the commemoration.”