Saturday Mothers: We will continue to ask Müjgan’s whereabouts

ISTANBUL – On the 613rd week, Saturday Mothers asked whereabouts of İsmail Nahçeçi, who has been disappeared for 22 years and the closed Özgür Gün Tv presenter and councilor of Sur Municipality, Müjgan Ekin, who was detained and has been disappeared since October 24.

Saturday Mothers gathered in front of Galatasaray High School for 613rd time in order to ask whereabouts their lost loved ones. They unfurled a banner read, “Perpetrators are known, where are the disappeared?” and put red carnations on it and carried photographers of their loved ones. In this week protest, the mothers asked whereabouts of İsmail Bahçeçi, who was detained on December 24, 1994 and has been disappeared since then.

Before the protest, the mothers and people asked whereabouts of journalist Müjgan Ekin, who was detained in Ankara and hasn’t been heard since then, to the Interior Ministry. Republican People’s Party (CHP) MP Sezgin Tanrıkulu talked during the protest and stated that two soldiers were burned alive by ISIS in Syria due to the policies carried out in Turkey. Sezgin said 2016 was a darkness year for Turkey and wished 2017 would bring peace to Turkey.

After the speech of Sezgin, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Batman MP Ayşe Acar Başaran stated that the most the voice of Saturday Mothers should be heard in Turkey and said that, “The families, who are sitting here, always show the right steps. For about a year, we have passed through massacres like these pictures you are carrying. If they allow only the people, who are sitting here and families of two soldiers, who were burned alive in Syria, we will have a brighter future in this country. I hope the number of the people here will never increase and the next year will be a more hopeful year.”

Umut Bahçeci, brother of İsmail Bahçeci began to speak and condemned the closure of channels and press outlets which made Staurday Mothers heard each week. Umut said, “It was 22 years ago today, İsmail was detained by four people and he was disappeared. We asked him everywhere but we were told he wasn’t there.”

Maside Ocak, sister of disappeared Hasan Ocak, read this week’s press statement and said, “Today, we are here for the 22nd anniversary of İsmail Bahçeci’s murder. Ismail was disappeared by the state.”

After the statement, the mass commemorated Tahir Elçi, Head of Diyarbakır Bar and said they would gather again next week.