Istanbul Kurdish Institute and Ehmedê Xanî Academy closed down

DİYARBAKIR/ISTANBUL – Ehmedê Xanî Academy in Diyarbakır and Kurdish Institute in Istanbul have been closed down by KHK decree (statutory decree).

On the heels of announcement of the closure of 94 associations within the scope of Article 1 of the State of Emergency by the Ministry of Interior, police conducted raid on the office of Kurdish Institute in Istanbul last night and sealed the office. The administrators of the institute saw the sealed door when they went to the office in the morning.

Founded on April 18, 1992, Istanbul Kurdish Institute was the research institute for Kurdish language, culture and literature. The founder community of the institute was formed by important people like Musa Anter, Yaşar Kaya, İsmail Beşikçi, İbrahim Gürbüz, Cemşîd Bender and Süleyman İnanoğlu.

Ehmedê Xanî Academy, which was opened in 2013, Diyarbakır, was raided by police. According to reports received, the door of the academy will be sealed by police.

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