Female shopkeepers in Sur face to lose their booths

DİYARBAKIR – Female shopkeepers, who lost their shop due to the blockade in Sur and open a booth near Hazreti Süleyman Mosque, have also faced to be removed from. The shopkeepers state that the appointed trustee will empty the area.

While the destruction has continued in the four neighborhoods of Diyarbakır’s Sur district, the shopkeepers in the town have gone bankrupt due to the ongoing blockade imposed over a year. While the shops of many of them have been destroyed during siege, their works come to a stopping point. Campaigns were launched for Sur shopkeepers and they have begun to fill their losses, but this time, they are worried to be out of their jobs by the trustee appointed to the Sur Municipality. It is claimed that the booths around Hazreti Süleyman Mosque will be removed by the appointed trustee. While the shopkeepers in the area, one of the places in Sur where the most women have worked for years, are waiting for support, it is stated that the order of “emptying” the area will be given by the municipality at any moment.

The shopkeepers reacted to the claims and said, “We have worked here for years. Most of the shopkeepers are the people live in Sur. All of us have children. The municipal employees always come here and warn us saying, ‘It is just a matter of time before you get out of here’.”

Güneş Yılmaz knits socks and sells them in her booth in order to raise her seven children. Gülşen stated that they, as women, always faced to lose their job while waiting support. Güneş said, “While we, as women, wait for support, they want to send us to home. Thousands of people visit here every day and we earn 10-20 TL per day and go our homes. We, as women, will find another place if the appointed trustee closes here to us.”

Güneş called on all women to support them on this matter.